Saturday 9 a.m.–10 a.m.

Keynote: Py in the Sky

Qumisha Goss

Audience level:


Creating a more diverse Programming community using Libraries as a gateway to reach diverse and under-served populations. How Python and Computer Science can be used to create opportunities for under served populations. Creating Diversity by meeting people where they are instead of trying to entice them to join you.


Diversity: The Status Quo What does the national population look like vs. the world of Computer Science. Inclusion:Why it's important because it's fair and when we have limited interactions with people different from ourselves we can miss out on different life experiences,and solutions Creating Opportunity: You can't know or excel at something that you've never been introduced to.Making python and programming accessible via community hubs ie the Library. Shifting Social Paradigms: The Importance of having a basic understanding of computer science for people as technology becomes an ever growing part of our daily lives.