Sunday 4 p.m.–4:50 p.m.

Elasticsearch in an Hour

John Berryman

Audience level:


The use of search is ubiquitous. As a developer you need search in your technology tool belt. This talk introduces Elasticsearch, a front-running, open source search technology. We'll create an application, execute a search, and dive into internals so that you'll know where search is most useful.


If you haven't noticed, search has become ubiquitous:

  • e-commerce sites like Amazon and Netflix have rich product search,
  • social apps like Facebook and Twitter allow you to easily find your friends,
  • most companies have some sort internal document search,
  • and last but not least Google gives you instant, pin-point access to all human knowledge.

Nevertheless most developers are not familiar with search technology. Therefore search technology is sometimes used in cases where it is a poor solution and often overlooked in cases where it is the ideal solution.

In this fast-paced discussion we will cover the ins-and-outs of search technology through the example of Elasticsearch, a dominant open source search engine. Topics covered include

  • understanding the strengths of search technology in comparison with SQL technology
  • indexing and searching documents
  • search engine internals
  • uses for search technology outside of plain ol' search (logging, analytics, recommendations)

Attendees will leave with another useful tool that can be applied to their own problems.