Saturday 2 p.m.–2:20 p.m.

From Lumberjack to Python Developer

Scott Stahl

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There's a been lot of talk over the past few years about workforce retraining and software bootcamps. So what's the reality? I will tell the story of rebooting my career at 30 from working in lumber & building materials to becoming a developer, share some thoughts on why it worked for me and some of the lessons learned from my first year on the job.


How I Got Here

What drives someone to move from working as an executive in the lumber industry to wanting to become a software developer? What's the right path to follow to try to change careers?

The Bootcamp Experience

You chose: GO TO BOOTCAMP. There's a lot of hype around software bootcamps. What's the reality?

Junior Developer Status

Now you've got a job! What's the transition like? What's the reality of the software business for a new person without a computer science degree?