Sunday 1:30 p.m.–2:20 p.m.


Tina Bell Vance, Kat Passen

Audience level:


Let's make forms accessible! We're going to make forms more accessible in Flask with Jinja templating and JavaScript. We'll go through what's possible in Jinja and what may need extra work.


In this talk, we're going to cover creating accessible web forms using Flask and Jinja.

Starting with a brief into to Aria and WCAG, we'll talk why accessibility matters to developers, what basic form accessibility includes, and some ways to test for accessibility.

We're going to discuss ways to structure templates so that they're accessible for POST validation as well as asynchronous requests. We'll show what tag attributes can be added with the Jinja templating system to create accessible and user-friendly forms as well as how to cover any remaining gaps with JavaScript.

  • Brief intro to Aria and WCAG
  • Basic form accessibility
  • What is possible with Jinja and how to do it
  • Basic asynchronous JavaScript validation