Sunday 11:30 a.m.–12:20 p.m.

Sipping Web Development from a Flask

Ian Zelikman, Brad Hurley

Audience level:


This talk aims to give introduction to web development using Flask.

After an introduction to Python web development ecosystem, we will focus on developing a production ready application using Flask, a suggested structure for your application, and how to tackle some unique challenges we encountered.


Some of the topics covered in this talk to help you take your first steps in web development using Flask:

  • We will start with a review of the some of the Python web framework. Including a basic introduction to the WSGI specification and how to choose a WSGI server.

  • Why Flask could be a great framework for your first application and how to start with it.

  • Best practices for the structure of your Flask application.

  • SQLAlchemy and how to make your application talk to the database.

  • Approaches for setting up a long running backend process in your application.

  • Ways to optimize your application with the focus on caching.

  • Release your application to the wild and deployment.

  • Testing your application. Specifically focusing on how to overcome issues associated with unit testing decorated methods.

  • Design Considerations for application configuration.