Saturday 2:30 p.m.–2:50 p.m.

Python for Java Developers

Christian Wyglendowski

Audience level:


Did you learn Java in school but want to get into Python? Are you a decision maker trying to choose between Java and Python for your next project? This talk will cover a variety of differences between Java and Python and why they matter.


Python was my first "serious" programming language. I programmed extensively in Python for 10 years before learning Java to program for Android phones at my day-job. This talk covers the fantastic things that Python offers over Java - features that maybe I took for granted for all those years, and now sorely miss. It will contrast the way various programming tasks are done in Python vs. Java.


  • First class functions vs. classes everywhere
  • Optional arguments vs. Builder classes
  • REPL/interpreter vs. Java compiler
  • Clean syntax vs. voluminous verbosity
  • generators vs. ...
  • Comprehensions vs. loops
  • Rich native data types vs. data types as libraries
  • Python imports vs. Java imports
  • Vim & the shell vs. heavyweight IDEs

Audience: beginning Python programmers, programmers coming to Python from a Java background, Python programmers who want a glimpse into the Java/Android world (brace yourselves!), IT decision makers trying to choose the right language for their projects

Goal: motivate audience to appreciate Python design decisions, help those coming from Java backgrounds to learn Pythonic basics