Saturday 10:30 a.m.–11:20 a.m.

Helping your manager be a better leader for you

Christopher H. Laco

Audience level:


How can you be a better manager? How can you help your manager be a better manager for you? In this talk we'll talk about these things and build a better bridge between developers and their managers so we can build stronger teams together from the bottom up.


  • Why Do This to Yourself?
    • Full Time Mentoring
    • Positive Change
    • Shoehorned / Voluntold
  • New Managers
    • Life as an Individual Contributor
    • From Peer to Manager
    • Defining Yourself / Measuring Productivity / Measuring Success
  • Stress Management (Manager and Individual Contributors)
    • Organize! Organize! Organize!
    • Provide Clear Direction / Ask for Clear Direction
    • Don't Procrastinate
    • No Lone Wolfs
  • Goals and Feedback
    • Setting Goals / Goal Types (Defining Your Style)
    • Revisiting Goals
    • Personal Development Plans
    • Gathering/Delivering Peer Feedback
  • Being Better
    • Be Vulnerable
    • Be Clear
    • Be Direct
    • Success = "They". Failure = "I"
    • I ”Work for” The Team/ The Team Does Not ”Work for" Me.
    • Servant Leadership